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KING Awarded As Qualified Supplier for New York Subway Air-conditioner
Author:WANG Li    From: 2021-3-29 8:43:32

  Recently, Shijiazhuang KING Transportation Equipment Co., Ltd has been officially awarded as the qualified supplier for New York subway, becoming the first subway air-conditioner supplier in China to receive this honor.
  The qualification certification for New York Subway Air-Conditioner was launched in June 2017. Through unremitting efforts, the project team overcame numerous difficulties to ensure the successful loading of units and the completion of online operation verification. And, in March 2021, the company successfully passed the certification.
  In the period of verification, the business team, technical team and service team of the company adhered to the concept of “KING Credit, KING Quality and KING Service”, and won recognition from the owners of the New York Subway with their professional, efficient and quick response and the spirit of actively exploring solutions to problems.
  The company has passed the certification successfully, indicating that the comprehensive strength of the company has been recognized by high-end subway owners in Europe and the United States. At the same time, it is in line with the strategic plan of “Go Globally” in overseas markets, which is of far-reaching significance to consolidate and expand overseas markets and is a significant step in the development of overseas markets.

Text: WANG Li
Photographs: WANG Li, LI Yangyang