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KING Wins Bid for Air Conditioners Overhaul Project of Shenzhen Metro Line II&V
Author:Wang Jian    From: 2020-12-29 10:37:46

Under the guidance of the macro strategy of the company's leadership, and the cooperation of all departments, our company successfully won the bid for the “Air conditioners Overhaul Project of Shenzhen Metro Line II&V” in the fierce competition with numerous domestic air conditioner maintenance suppliers, and signed the contract in December 2020.
This project involves 67 trains and overhaul of 804 air conditioners. It is the first time for our company to contract the overhaul of Shenzhen metro and the overhaul of air conditioners of other manufacturers.
Winning the bid of this project marks a “zero breakthrough” of the Service Center of our company to undertake maintenance business, which will accumulate valuable experience in promotion and market expansion in the future maintenance business. 

Text: Wang Jian