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Wang Lijie, Wang Shaohua Investigated Production Resumption and Epidemic Prevention of KING
Author:Ni Keqin    From: 2020-2-28 15:27:40

On the morning of February 17, Wang Lijie, director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of Hebei Provincial Committee, and his delegation went to KING company to investigate the situation of production resumption and the prevention and control of new coronavirus. Wang Shaohua, member of Shijiazhuang Municipal Committee, minister of Propaganda, as well as minister of United Front and others conducted investigation together. President of Shijiazhuang Taiwan-Funded Enterprises Association and general manager of KING company reported the work of production resumption and epidemic prevention by telephone. Safety director Ma Shunli accompanied the investigation.
Wang Lijie and Wang Shaohua inquired in detail and checked the situation of the enterprise's anti-epidemic material reserve, vehicles control of workers returning to production, staff dining, emergency order production and so on. After the outbreak of the epidemic, KING company established the command and control leading group and the production resumption and epidemic prevention leading group, prepared the plan for implementation of production resumption and epidemic prevention and control, and deployed and implemented the company's prevention and control plan through various network meetings.
Before return to work, the company implemented the epidemic prevention requirements, strengthened the staff training on epidemic prevention knowledge, urgently purchased enough epidemic prevention materials such as masks, protective glasses, protective suits, gloves, disinfectant, spray and so on. Some employees also contributed more than 1,300 N95 masks issued by the company for the purpose of preventing smog, to overcome the current difficulties with the company.
KING company partially resumed work and production on February 11. In the past 6 days, the three-line-defense temperature monitor for employees have been on track, shifting-disperse dining system has been strictly implemented, and the production has resumed steadily. KING company also took the initiative to negotiate with the residential committee of the community where employees live in relatively concentrated, and issued green cards for the employees, so that more employees could participate in the resumption of production as soon as possible. After resumption of production, KING focuses its production capacity on overseas projects with tight delivery schedule, and uses air transportation and other means to ensure timely delivery so as to maintain the company's international reputation.
Wang Lijie and Wang Shaohua fully affirmed the scientific and precise epidemic prevention actions and actions for production resumption taken by KING, and said that they would actively coordinate with all parties to provide help for enterprises to resume production during the epidemic prevention period.
Li Zongxing expressed his gratitude to Wang Lijie and Wang Shaohua over the phone. He thanked the Taiwan Affairs Office of the Provincial Party Committee and the United Front Work Department of the Shijiazhuang Municipal Party Committee for their care and help, and said that he would consolidate his confidence to resume production and epidemic prevention, so as to ensure the stable development of the enterprise.
Before carrying out this investigation, the Taiwan Affairs Office of the Provincial Party Committee and the United Front Work Department of the Municipal Party Committee coordinated and solved 20,000 masks for KING company, providing "timely assistance" for the company’s production resumption and epidemic prevention.

Text: Ni Keqin
Photographs: He Bing
February 18, 2020