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A Video Check Carried Out by CRRC for Production Resumption and Epidemic Prevention
Author:Ni Keqin    From: 2020-2-28 15:24:17

At 10:00 a.m. on February 16, CRRC checked the implementation of the epidemic prevention and control actions of KING after the resumption of production through TE Mobile, a soft terminal for video meeting. Zhang Jianwu, director of KING, as well as the general manager of CRRC SHIJIAZHUANG CO., LTD., visited the site to supervise the check, and the executive deputy general manager Ma Lianhui witnessed check.
Yu Weiping, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC and vice president of CRRC, presided over the video spot check, for two points, i.e. the production site and the guard of KING to be pre-checked. The manager of the Assembly Department Diao Jianwei made a video report on KING’s epidemic prevention and control actions after the resumption of production, including the screening of key population, staff body temperature testing system, disinfection measures in different places, staff catering and epidemic prevention and control actions, as well as the production plan after the resumption of production, adjustment of work stations, personnel spacing management, etc.
Through the video spot check, Yu Weiping fully affirmed the prevention and control actions for the production resumption and epidemic prevention of KING, and demanded that the prevention and control actions shall be intensified and improved as the case may be to safeguard the prevention and control effect, ensure the life safety of the staff and workers, and strive for the victory of both epidemic prevention and production.
Zhang Jianwu thanked the leaders of CRRC for their concern and affirmation on the epidemic prevention of KING and pointed out that it would try its best to prevent and control the epidemic and resume the production.



Written by Ni Keqin
February 16, 2020