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Wang Hua Inspect On-site to Guide Epidemic Prevention On the First Day of the Resumption of Work of
Author:Ni Keqin    From: 2020-2-26 11:59:43


Approved by Shijiazhuang High-tech District, KING company resumed partial work on February 11. On the first day of resumption, Wang Hua, chairman of KING company, personally inspected and guided the situation of hygiene and epidemic prevention and safety production. The executive deputy general manager Ma Lianhui reported the work of prevention and control of new coronavirus pneumonia and conducted inspection and guidance on-site together.
Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus pneumonia, KING company has been paying close attention to the development trend of the epidemic. Before the Spring Festival holiday, it urgently purchased some anti-virus materials such as N95 anti-virus masks, temperature measuring guns, 84 disinfectant and emergency isolation suits. From January 22, it has started temperature testing for persons entering the site and disinfecting the work site with 84 disinfectant thinner spray .
Under the guidance of superior units such as CRRC, QIQIHAR ROLLING STOCK CO., LTD and SHIJIAZHUANG ROLLING STOCK CO., LTD, a large number of works were deployed during the Spring Festival including investigation of "four categories of personnel",  preparation of prevention and control plans, monitoring of key personnel, management of personnel detained in key epidemic areas, and training of employees on epidemic prevention knowledge. In cooperation with the local government, personnel investigation, admission for community rental staff, urgent supplementary procurement of epidemic prevention materials and declaration of materials for resumption of work have been carried out. After on-site inspection and study on the evening of February 10, Shijiazhuang High-tech District approved KING to resume the partial work.
Today, Wang Hua particularly checked the epidemic prevention and control work on the first resumption day of work. This was the second time he visited on site to inspect and guide for epidemic prevention and control. He examined the epidemic prevention materials and preparation of emergency supplies of the company, listened to the report of epidemic prevention work of Ma Lianhui, inspected the standing post logo for pre-shift meeting and the epidemic prevention public map on-site. He also inspected the production situation of workshops and gave recognition to the epidemic prevention work of KING. He asked KING to implement the requirements of CRRC, QIQIHAR ROLLING STOCK CO., LTD and the local government for epidemic prevention, continue to purchase more masks, ensure the safety of staff, and resolutely win the battle against the new coronavirus.
Wang Hua also called for reasonable production arrangements, focusing on the key projects and steady progress. With the support of the government of the high-tech district, achieve full resumption of work steadily, so as to achieve the victory of both epidemic prevention and production.

Text: Ni Keqin
Photographs: He Bing
Feb. 11, 2020